HP ENVY 7645 Driver with Touch Screen Features

HP ENVY 7645 driver – One of the sophisticated printers from HP is the HP ENVY 7645 e-All-in-One Printer. This printer features a color touch screen or a colorful touch screen. The size of the touch screen of this printer is 3.5 inches. This printer also has a black color and a luxurious design that is more suitable for use at home than in the office. Aside from being a printer, the HP ENVY 7645 can also be used for faxing and printing passport-size photos.

HP ENVY 7645 Driver with Touch Screen Features

Each printer has a printer driver, you will not be able to operate your printer if you have not installed or installed the driver on the computer, in short the printer driver is the full control center that you must install, to operate your printer in print printing. The HP ENVY 7645 has a tray for paper entry and exit. On one side of the printer, there are holes for the USB cable and memory card reader. So, you can print photos using a cellphone or camera memory card.

The speed of this printer can reach 12 seconds for black and white ink paper or faster than the printouts of the Epson XP-820 printer.

As for the scan results, this printer is slower when compared to The Brother MFC-J5620 which can be completed in 10 seconds for black-and-white ink paper 600 dpi resolution. As for color ink, this printer is also 13 seconds slower when compared to other similar printers.

Even so, this printer can also print photos in a landscape in just 1 minute and 52 seconds. This speed outperforms other similar printers. This printer can produce photo prints for business class with a darker saturation level than the results of other similar printers.

HP ENVY 7645 Driver Installation Steps

There are several types of drivers that you have to download when installing this printer, namely HP ENVY 7640 e-All-in-One Printer series Basic Drivers, Drivers-Universal Fax Drivers, and Basic Drivers entailing of HP Universal for Fax Drivers and also the universal driver.

To install the printer, you can use Internet Explorer or Firefox if your computer is Windows XP. The methods are as follows:

  1. Make sure the USB cable is not connected to the computer and printer.
  2. After you have the extract.
  3. Click ‘OK’ when the notification appears ‘Open Executable File?’ On the computer screen.
  4. Then follow the next instructions that appear on the screen.

If you use Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, you can also install it using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

In conclusion, the HP ENVY 7640 printer has an attractive design, a sophisticated color touch screen, and can fax well. But unfortunately, it takes a long time while scanning and photocopying. If you like products with touch screen features with attractive designs, this printer is perfect for you to have at home.

HP ENVY 7645 e-All-in-One Printer

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